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Naeema is a caregiver, entrepreneur, therapist, but most importantly, a Chocolate Girl!

Naeema established  Chocolate Girls in 2016. Chocolate Girls was a vision that began as a dream. In the dream, God was reminding her that she needed to have confidence and self-love. She was reminded that she is a beautiful and intelligent chocolate girl.

Growing up, Naeema struggled with embracing herself because of her dark skin and overall personality. It was after she started college and attended therapy that she developed tools to accept, prioritize, and love herself in all of her black girl strengths and vulnerabilities. Since Naeema dedicates her time encouraging young women to appreciate their inner and outward beauty and prioritizing their mental, emotional, and overall health and well-being.

Naeema is a full-time licensed therapist providing support to college students of all stages in life. She is also a full-time caregiver caring for her mother since 2012. Also, she is the CEO of Britton Clinical Services, a mental health private practice, and Co-CEO of The Compassionate Carer, a caregiving resources, and support company.

"My mission is to help all Chocolate Girls to understand that they are beautiful, intelligent, and deserving of love and their hearts' desires through one-on-one mentorships, events, and more."

We love you Chocolate Girl and look forward to working with you!

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